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4964RE: [carfree_cities] Re: Driving only when you WANT to --casualties of automobiles

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  • Louis-Luc
    Aug 15, 2002
      > The news media also don't make much of an issue of the massive amount
      > of people in this country who die of cardio-vascular disease, develop
      > type II diabetes, or asthma type problems as a result of smog. It
      > just isn't as glamorous. But it is related to the lifestyle we've,
      > using cars, made normal in America.
      I'm proud to be not "normal", because that sense of "normal" is wrong, and
      is corrupting the society. The problem is that it's difficult to find more
      people sharing my opinion outside this e-group.

      Now with cell phones, drivers become even too lazy to park the car and dare
      walking to a public phone. So cardio-vascular diseases may be created by a
      lack of exercise. Combine this with how well Americans eat, and you'll soon
      see some Americans less tall than wide.

      Imagine 2 centuries (or more) ago:
      People had to walk 2 miles daily, at best on a sandroad, to pick up mail at
      the post-office, also to drop by the general store, to visit a friend. They
      had to cut, split and pile logs to stay warm in the winter, use snowshoes or
      skis to move in the snow. Their work, whether on the farm, in the woods, or
      maid in the house, involved much physical efforts. The average longevity was
      shorter than today, because medical science was not as developed as today.
      Imagine the medical science was as good as today, and the average longevity
      would be at least as high as today.

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