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4963Re: Driving only when you WANT to

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  • mdh6214
    Aug 15, 2002
      Something else we need to look at is that most Americans tend
      to want to drive everywhere, no matter what the cost and
      congestion. People are constantly demanding lower gas prices
      and wider roads. In the suburban neighborhood my parents live
      in, residents tried [unsuccessfully] to stop the city from putting in
      a sidewalk on one side of the steet. Coincidentially, that
      sidewalk is now useless, since it is a de facto parking lane and,
      naturally, the police will not enforce such a thing.

      If you proposed developing a carfree area or closing/cutting off
      any streets, it would be very unpopular with most people who live

      I favor the right of anyone to live how they want, as long as they
      pay for it themself. I think that developers should be allowed to
      build car-only suburban developments--and pay ALL costs of it.
      Maybe that would fix Americans--when they finally have to bear
      the cost of what they are doing.

      Finally, we need some way to let Americans know [drill into their
      think skulls] how much car use actually costs. A lot of us seem to
      think that road money grows on trees...
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