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4961Re: [carfree_cities] Re: Driving only when you WANT to

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  • Ian Finnesey
    Aug 14, 2002
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      --- coyote_clown <coyote_clown@...> wrote:

      > You've raised a worthwhile point. It needs to
      > encompass things like
      > shopping only when you want to, visiting only when
      > you want to,
      > running errands only when you want to etc. The
      > convenience and
      > modern paradigms of automobile utility have allowed
      > us to not put
      > much planning into how we shop and generally go
      > about things. Many
      > of my friends now have cellular phones. Now they
      > put much less
      > forethought learning directions to drive places.

      In all but the most rural areas, the alternative
      needn't be not going anywhere farther than a mile or
      three without a lot of forethought.

      Fuck, we're pissing into the wind. How many people
      get beyond the benefits a car brings to the things it
      costs them when they're thinking about it?

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