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4959Re: Driving only when you WANT to

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  • coyote_clown
    Aug 14, 2002
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      --- In carfree_cities@y..., "agnostic_demiurge" <andy_christ@y...>
      > Forgetting everything else for a moment...how much more pleasant
      > driving be if people only drove when they WANT to, or when they have
      > to move heavy objects? Instead of being obligated to do so every
      > Why, it might be ENJOYABLE. It might even be as fun as it looks in
      > the commercials!

      You've raised a worthwhile point. It needs to encompass things like
      shopping only when you want to, visiting only when you want to,
      running errands only when you want to etc. The convenience and
      modern paradigms of automobile utility have allowed us to not put
      much planning into how we shop and generally go about things. Many
      of my friends now have cellular phones. Now they put much less
      forethought learning directions to drive places.
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