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  • hojemo
    Aug 6, 2002
      I have a link suggestion for the carfree site, (it seems to be down
      right now so I send it here)


      Best wishes,
      Thomas Höjemo, thomas -at- snt.nu

      P.S. To C.H. Crawford If you want help with erasing spam, I suggest
      spam assassin, as a "payment" for the excellent site you have created
      I can give you one email accoúnt at my company www.snt.nu for free
      that will filter your mail. (i.e. you forward your email to my server
      and then it tags all spam messages with *****SPAM***** in the subject
      line. This makes it easy for you to filter the spam that arrives, i.e.
      by moving it to the trash folder. )