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4923Re: You need less space living in a good neighborhood

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  • Karen Sandness
    Jul 17, 2002
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      > Subject: Re: You need less space living in a good neighborhood
      > --- You make a really good point. I live in a city neighborhood with a
      > small grocery store on the corner but video store, park, restaurants
      > etc are quite a ways away. I really can't think of one neighborhood
      > in my city that comes close to what you describe. In United States
      > perhaps a small handful of cities have neighborhoods as you describe.
      > Do you live in Europe or Canada? Which city are you referring to.
      I live in Portland, Oregon, just outside of a neighborhood commonly referred
      to as "Northwest." Within walking distance I have two full-service grocery
      stores, four or five dry cleaners, two hair salons, a ski shop (I don't ski,
      but it's nice to know that it's there), three drugstores, an art house movie
      theater, three specialty grocery stores, four banks, an independent
      bookstore, a funky shoe store, a large independent record store, an
      elementary school, a high school, and more restaurants of every description
      than I can begin to count. I'm also five minutes away from four bus lines
      and ten minutes away from light rail.

      Not all Portland neighborhoods are like this, but I can think of at least
      two others (Hawthorne and the Lloyd District) that come pretty close.

      By the way, I was in Los Angeles last November, and Richard kindly took me
      on a walking tour of his neighborhood, which is indeed as he describes.
      Riding around the city on the bus, I was pleasantly surprised to find that
      L.A. and its surroundings are more than a huge strip mall hell.

      Maybe there's an urban neighborhood in your city that is just waiting to be

      In transit,
      Karen Sandness
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