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4918Re: [carfree_cities] Re: You need less space living in a good neighborhood

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Jul 16, 2002
      Believe it or not, my neighborhood in Los Angeles is nearly ideal in many
      ways. I have, within a two-minute walk of my spacious apartment, a major
      grocery store, three drugstores, a commercial food-service supplier, a
      bakery/deli, a video store, an office-supply store, a custom shoemaker, and a
      number of small restaurants; expand the walk to five minutes and you add
      corner grocery, another shoemaker, another video store, another office supply
      store, barbershops, more delis, more restaurants, as well as numerous office
      buildings; make it ten minutes, and you add electronic supply stores, a
      newsstand, banks, coffeehouses, more restaurants; make it twenty minutes and
      you add specialty grocers, and the permanent farmer's market on Third and
      Fairfax, which includes yet more restaurants, plus a few more banks.

      The only thing we don't have here in what's called the Miracle Mile is, oddly
      enough, a hardware store.

      Great transit too, at least for LA.


      On Tue, 16 Jul 2002 12:20:21 -0000 justinemarysmith
      <justinemarysmith@...> wrote:

      --- You make a really good point. I live in a city neighborhood with a
      small grocery store on the corner but video store, park, restaurants
      etc are quite a ways away. I really can't think of one neighborhood
      in my city that comes close to what you describe. In United States
      perhaps a small handful of cities have neighborhoods as you describe.
      Do you live in Europe or Canada? Which city are you referring to.
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