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4704RE: [carfree_cities] RE: Plateau Mont-Royal

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  • J.H. Crawford
    May 7, 2002
      Louis-Luc replied:

      From the map links you provided, it's evident that this is a larger
      area than I had realized--it encompasses half a dozen metro stops.

      >> Perhaps, although these tunnels, if they are to be equipped with stores,
      >> require a lot of foot traffic to support. I'm not saying that enough
      >> foot traffic wouldn't be available, but it has to be considered.
      >Ah. I thought more about bare tunnels first, then with time spaces along
      >could be rented for stores where there is enough foot traffic. Two sources
      >of revenus (with taxes) to the city Council: one at surface, and one

      Problem is you have to dig the tunnels on the basis of stores or no stores.

      >Yes, it often windy, sometimes the temperature gets to -20 or colder, but
      >the occurence have been more scarce in the past few years. 10 minutes is my
      >walk for home to train, but I know not everyone is willing to do this in bad
      >weather. So we still have the tram/bus solution for these cases, with heated

      It would depend on circumstances. Perhaps yes.

      >> This is a really tough issue, in fact. It will be almost impossible
      >> to see the carfree plan if you FORCE everybody to give up the car.

      >No. I meant there car parking for residents and visitors. I envisioned
      >turning a 6-fast-lane artery into, maybe 1 lane in each direction, and
      >perpendicular parkings on each side (twice more parking than "standard"
      >parallel street parking). I don't know if it's a good idea, as there might
      >be some conflicts between traffic on the lane and people getting in or out a
      >parking space.

      Angle parking is the worst for cyclists, as they are invisible to
      cars backing out.

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