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4687Re: [carfree_cities] Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Mark Rauterkus
    May 4, 2002
      Housekeeping @ FAQ

      Hi All,

      As to the FAQ, please make it FAQ & As. The questions are a start, but we
      need the answers. <;O

      The FAQ & A could be put into the public domain -- or put under a most
      liberal copyright and reuse license, such as the Design Science License
      (www.dsl.org). Then others can freely repost and make modifications.

      A WEB DAV or CVS tree can be established so others can be trusted users to
      add and adjust the contributions. Distributed editing and updates. A
      threaded discussion board may work less well as would a "moderated"

      The email discussion group (this) could have a policy that folks working on
      the FAQ content make the sumbission with the Subject line: SUMMARY.

      We might be able to organize / maintain the publi FAQ & A with a new venture
      I'm pitching in my area -- a Community Learning Outreach Hub (
      http://CLOH.Org ). But, that hand-off won't come about until Sept-Oct 2003.

      Thanks for all you do!


      Mark Rauterkus
      mark@... http://Rauterkus.com
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