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  • J.H. Crawford
    May 3, 2002
      Andras Toth said:

      >"Some people say we should cycle instead of driving a car in town. That
      >sounds like nonsense. Cycling is dangerous for your health because you
      >breathe in exhaust fumes from cars directly and more intensely, and also
      >because it does not shield you if there is an accident. In addition, the
      >bicycle requires effort, is slow, does not take you far, gets you sweaty
      >and dirty, cannot be safely parked, cannot transport your shopping and
      >children, and does not offer any protection against weather! How could it
      >be a realistic alternative?"

      Bicycling is actually not required in a carfree city. Walking is, and
      public transport usage is, for longer distances, but a carfree city
      can exist without bicycles, as does Venice.

      I'm keeping a list of this stuff so far, but I can't take on the
      long-term management of a FAQ. I've just got too much else to do,
      including finishing work on the book-length City Design section of
      Carfree.com. So, we need a volunteer.

      -- ### --

      J.H. Crawford Carfree Cities
      mailbox@... Carfree.com
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