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4670Re: [carfree_cities] Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Rob Hines
    May 3, 2002
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      I think these questions cover a lot of the bases but we should try to
      come up with more to make sure they cover all of the basic concepts
      outlined in Joel's book. They could even be divided into sections that
      correspond to sections of the book.

      On Tuesday, April 30, 2002, at 11:12 PM, T. J. Binkley wrote:

      > Hi All,
      > The responses have ceased trickling in, so forthwith a report:
      > I sent out a request a couple of weeks ago for everyone to send in
      > questions that you'd like to see included on a forth-coming FAQ list for
      > the carfree cities site.
      > I have received four responses, which included the following questions:
      > 1. Can suburbs and other low density areas function using only rail
      > transportation?
      > 2. If streets are pedestrianized, how will businesses attain their
      > goods?
      > 3. Isn't pressuring people to use cars less an infringement on their
      > individual wants?
      > 4. Won't it take longer to travel by metro instead of by car?
      > 5. How would the carfree city deal with crime that is common to higher
      > density cities?
      > 6. In a carfree city what will the over-all pubic transit experience
      > encompass? (Here, conceptions of public transit as third rate could be
      > dealt with)
      > 7. I know cars pollute the environment but is that enough to justify
      > carfree cities?
      > 8. Carfree development---Will it work? Will it create better quality of
      > life? How does it get
      > measured?
      > 9. We have a pedestrian mall in a city neighborhood that died when the
      > cars were removed,
      > some decades ago. Now, removal of cars seems to mean the death of a
      > neighborhood. It was done poorly then. Why will it be better now?
      > 10. What are some of the lesser known externalized costs of the
      > automobile? Could better awareness of these costs (such as the noise,
      > bad
      > architecture and ugly public
      > spaces which result from automobile-oriented development) help build
      > support for carfree development?
      > 11. When are we going to get organized, pick a site, and get
      > building/rebuilding?
      > 12. For most people, the idea of even slightly REDUCING the amount of
      > driving they do is incomprehensible. How do you expect many people to
      > give
      > up driving altogether?
      > 13. Where can I find a local (& active) group that is interested in
      > carfree development?
      > Who would like to begin writing the answers to these questions?
      > What other questions should be included? Surely more of you have some
      > thoughts on this: Simon? Will? Mike? Karen?
      > Cheers,
      > T.J.
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