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4664Re: [carfree_cities] Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Mark Jaroski
    May 1 2:32 AM
      T. J. Binkley wrote:
      > What other questions should be included? Surely more of you have some
      > thoughts on this: Simon? Will? Mike? Karen?

      I think it would be a great public service to add stuff
      about practical stuff.

      How can I move goods without a truck?

      What should I do when elderly/infirmed relatives visit?

      How to navigate the suburbs, should it be necessary?

      Maybe this could have sections for different specific places


      How do I get around Chicago on a bike?

      How do I make best use of the CTA/Metra?

      What should I expect to pay for a cab?

      What are the best neigborhoods for a car-free person.

      What if I need to get to Schamburg/Naperville/etc..?

      San Francisco:

      How do I get around San Francisco on a bike?

      What are some tips for using MUNI/BART/Caltrain?

      Where the heck is a taxicab when you need one?

      What if I need to go somewhere on the

      Repeat for NYC, and other cities, and for the various
      college towns...

      I could probably write up answers for these, but I'm sure
      there are others on the list who could do better. I think
      we could probably assemble a pretty good db of transport
      help info between the lot of us...


      -- mark at geekhive dot net --
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