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4508Re: [carfree_cities] Re: An Argument for Fee-based Roads (long)

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  • Robert Hines
    Apr 5 5:20 AM
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      > What's wrong with your argument? It assumes that sunk costs should be
      > paid for in the exact same way that marginal costs are paid for. And
      > in fact they shouldn't because they can't.

      I'm a first year student, so could you clear something up for me before
      I give opinions based on confusion. When you are talking about sunk
      costs, you mean fixed costs for the initial infrastructure? And marginal
      costs derived only from the portion of variable costs, not total costs,
      used to provide service for one customer? From my understanding of what
      marginal costs are, they include both fixed and variable costs.

      Rob Hines
      100 Riverdale Drive
      Sydney NS B1R 1P4
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