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4403Re: [carfree_cities] Urban Blight

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  • Doug Salzmann
    Feb 28, 2002
      At 06:34 PM Wednesday 2/27/2002, Rob wrote:

      >Winnipeg recently passed legislation to combat urban blight, their focus
      >is on boarded up homes. The by-law orders property owners to attain a
      >permit to board up their homes. After a year passes the owners either
      >have to renovate the property or demolish it; otherwise the city claims
      >ownership and demolishes it or gives it to a community group. Winnipeg
      >city council is please to be the first in the country to enact such

      As Rob says, measures like this don't really serve their intended
      purpose. After all, vacant lots are hardly less representative of blight
      than vacant buildings.

      There are any number of places in the US where wholesale demolition of
      abandoned buildings has been and/or is being pursued by municipal
      authorities. Detroit and Philadelphia come to mind. Clearly, the
      demolition hasn't helped the overall problem.

      As Joel suggests in his related message, districts like this may be
      excellent candidates for carfree reclamation. Does anyone know the
      relationship of the neighborhood(s) in question to the Winnipeg central
      business district? What about existing transit services?

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