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4400Urban Blight

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  • Robert Hines
    Feb 27, 2002
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      I heard about this story on the National on CBC.

      Winnipeg recently passed legislation to combat urban blight, their focus
      is on boarded up homes. The by-law orders property owners to attain a
      permit to board up their homes. After a year passes the owners either
      have to renovate the property or demolish it; otherwise the city claims
      ownership and demolishes it or gives it to a community group. Winnipeg
      city council is please to be the first in the country to enact such

      But they are not actually combating urban blight, just covering up the
      symptoms instead of attacking the problems. In my prediction, Winnipeg,
      in a little more than a years time, will have a large district near the
      city centre that will look like a bomb dropped on it, a barren landscape
      of foundations. Why don't they instead study and look for solutions to
      the city dynamic that drove out 350 households?

      Rob Hines
      100 Riverdale Drive
      Sydney NS B1R 1P4
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