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4313Re: [carfree_cities] More pollution from slower traffic

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  • Andras Toth
    Feb 6, 2002
      Sorry, I managed to put a simple question very complicatedly, because I
      started to look for answers myself.

      So, putting aside all theoretical argumentation about traffic and urban
      planning (in which I have always fully adhered to the opinions you defend
      on this list):

      Is it true or false that a car trapped in a traffic jam or slowed down by
      sleeping policemen pollutes more on a given distance than a car doing the
      same journey at an optimal speed/rpm whatever? If true, how significant is
      the difference?

      (I am secretly hoping that someone will come up with a reference to a
      scientific study proving what Mark Jaroski stated, that is speed has
      nothing to do with it.)

      Andras Toth
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