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4307Re: [carfree_cities] More pollution from slower traffic

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  • Mark Jaroski
    Feb 6, 2002
      Andras Toth wrote:
      > In Hungary where I come from there is an argument popping up time and again
      > about the harmful effect of slowing down the traffic. In many newspaper
      > articles we can read that cars going slower pollute more, and therefore
      > enlarging a road and building tunnels is justifiable and blahblah.
      > And it is true, as we know that the right speed for optimal fuel
      > consumption for a car is way over 50 km/h (not to mention 30 km/h). More
      > fuel = more pollution.

      Frankly, it's simply not true at all. Yes, an engine has an
      optimum running speed, but it's measured in rpm (rotations
      per minute) *NOT* km/h.

      The car is polluting the least when it is parked with the engine off.

      Other than that the pollution curve has more to do with
      things like the temperature of the engine (a cold engine has
      to run a richer fuel mixture which generates soot).

      Speed has nothing at all to do with it.

      -- mark at geekhive dot net --
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