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4303Children & Bikes

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  • Richard Edge
    Feb 5, 2002
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      Hi folks, in at the deep end!!! After struggling with anxiety and depression for a long time I was told by the doctor at the stroke clinic that I hadn't had one, but change or nothing was more certain!!!! So I gave up the car and job, resulting in at least a partial return of colour vision!

      I recently fell out with my older, wiser cycling brother about a CTC campaign which claimed letting an 8 year old loose on the roads wasn't negligent.

      Let there be no mistake, if you can ride a bike you should be safe on it!!! But in the current situation is it reasonable to use children, in what must be considered a front line!!!!

      My thoughts are that by insisting parents don't let kids out with bikes you chip away at the "car = freedom" argument!

      Hoping I don't get shot to bits!

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