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4290Re: Carfree and Free Minded

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  • michelle@giansante.net
    Feb 4, 2002
      "demitriamondethraam" <monde@...> said:

      >Cars scare the crap out of me. Here I was sitting in this huge
      >contraption that I was supposed to actually maintain control of and
      >do it in tandem with all those other drivers in their great big metal

      >I can't understand why more people won't look beyond them.
      >God, the money saved alone not buying gas, mechanic services,
      >insurance, parking tickets and other car related crap is reason
      >enough for EVERYONE to go carless.

      Your posting is excellent! I totally agree with you! I think anybody who
      is true to themselves will agree with you! Thank you & welcome!


      "Louis-Luc" <exqmtl@...> said:

      >A goal is to make any given place accessible by some other transportation
      >mode than car. When it becomes true, then most people will find cars are
      >redundant and they can continue without them.

      Exactly! Let's do it! But how does one go about it? City council
      meetings? Letters to congresspeople? Let's come up with some ideas!

      "Louis-Luc" <exqmtl@...> also said:

      >So it means it is roughly 1 World Trade Center tragedy PER MONTH, that
      >repeats over and over and over again each month, and the governments feel
      >it's acceptable?

      That's exactly what bothers me. But not just that governments feel it's
      acceptable, but that moms and dads feel that's acceptable. Those stats
      include people's kids.
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