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4281RE: [carfree_cities] Carfree and Free Minded

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  • Louis-Luc
    Feb 2, 2002
      > I find driving a car quite demeaning. If I was forced to use one more than
      > absolutely necessary I would want to pay someone else to actually
      > sit in the
      > driving seat and do the routine work of steering and so on. Another thing
      > I've noticed is that every time you leave a car you have to lock all the
      > doors and unlock them again when you return. I now keep a car so old and
      > scruffy (but roadworthy) that it's hardly worth stealing. I use it
      > occasionally to take stuff to the tip and do other heavy carrying errands.
      > It is also useful to have it outside the house when I'm away so that
      > potential criminals assume there's someone indoors. Since I more or less
      > decided driving was a chore to be avoided and reduced my average
      > annual car
      > mileage from around 20K a year to under 3K I have had more than
      > enough money
      > to buy the services of a taxi cab driver to get me to places I
      > can't get to
      > by train, bus, cycle or on foot.
      > S
      A goal is to make any given place accessible by some other transportation
      mode than car. When it becomes true, then most people will find cars are
      redundant and they can continue without them.
      You said a car in front of your house makes criminals assume someone is in.
      When the vast majority of households will be carfree, the criminals will
      find it hard to determine whether someone is at home or not, because the
      absence of a car will not necessary mean there is no-one at home. And even
      with households with one car (the family car rather than one car for each
      person), the absence of the car will simply mean someone is using it and
      other people may be at home.

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