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  • demitriamondethraam
    Feb 2, 2002
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      I'm happy to see a community devoted to carlessness. I have lived my
      whole life in California, being born and raised in Los Angeles County
      of all places, where cars are literally worshiped. I did not join
      the Church of the Vehicularly Obsessed, though. The main reason for
      my never driving or owning a car [even as a teenager!] was one I
      don't see listed in the reasons cars stink (literally, too) on the
      carfree-cities site. And that is a psychological thing.

      Driving, I found out after only three driver training lessons (well,
      honestly, I'd say 2.5 driver training lessons as I called off the
      third one before it was half over) is something my spacey, drifting,
      artistic rightbrained mind just could not do properly. I think most
      people who experience the things I did just ignore them, thinking to
      themselves well I NEED to drive, I better just write off this
      scaredycat feeling that I can't really follow what people on ALL FOUR
      SIDES OF THE VEHICLE I AM IN are doing, and what the cars behind THEM
      are doing, and at the SAME time be cognizent of the turn in the road
      ahead and the fact that I must lower my speed to safely handle it,
      plus the fact that the freeway exit I need to get off on is coming up
      very fast to the left and to the right is the truck lane and I can't
      see the rearview properly because some dimbulb at the last gas
      station bent the damn thing while cleaning it and yet on top of all
      this - go figure - MY mind is looking at the goddam clouds and
      thinking of what shapes they're forming and fantasizing about
      something going on in a fictional universe somewhere. Or thinking
      about sex. I think you get the idea. God knows how many lives I
      saved by calling the whole thing off mid-training as a 17 year old
      and just telling my parents "I'm moving to San Francisco. There's a
      lot of buses there."

      Cars scare the crap out of me. Here I was sitting in this huge
      contraption that I was supposed to actually maintain control of and
      do it in tandem with all those other drivers in their great big metal
      contraptions. I have a hard enough time keeping up with other humans
      outside of big contraptions that will smash you up and injure and
      possibly kill you if they collide with one another. You know, I
      think road rage actually stems from the driver fear no one really
      lets themselves believe they have. Most people drive like they can
      do it in their sleep. They're as overconfident as I am
      underconfident. But only a few of them are good enough mental
      multitaskers to drive without latent psychosis slowly smoldering in
      their brains and bodies over the passing years...or so I think. I
      might be wrong. I'm not really the sanest or most normal person.

      But I knew well enough not to drive.

      And I'm glad. When I think of all the other problems - the oil
      running out so soon, the huge amounts of personal finances cars
      devour, and the hideous positive-ion feeling of being in a car
      (wonder why you get carsick sometimes in a car standing still? That's
      why...) I can't understand why more people won't look beyond them.
      God, the money saved alone not buying gas, mechanic services,
      insurance, parking tickets and other car related crap is reason
      enough for EVERYONE to go carless.

      But the best reason is not having to actually spend time in the
      harrowing and deadly multitasking of driving!When I ride the BART
      train or Caltrain, I can play with my laptop, listen to music, read,
      talk or just sit there with my eyes closed dreaming and fantasizing
      or maKing practical plans of some kind instead of worrying what the
      asshole in front of me in the red Honda is gonna do next. :-)
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