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4187Re: [carfree_cities] Segway

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  • Jym Dyer
    Jan 13, 2002
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      > I really hope that Segways are to be a replacement/alternative
      > to cars. If I ever get the chance to use one, I'll be more
      > than happy to take my place on the road as a true vehicle ...

      =v= Well, that's the crux of my complaint about the hype: it
      was rolled out with much fanfare as a revolutionary device that
      would replace the car, but when that first media splash ended,
      they quietly dropped all mention of that vision.

      =v= Take a look at their website now and you'll see nothing but
      photos of people riding them on the sidewalks, and some babble
      about "empowered pedestrians." There was also a _Salon_ article
      in which Dean Kamen revealed that he didn't think much of the
      whole idea of people walking from place to place. Ugh.

      > If everyone does see Segways as vehicles, then motorists will
      > find it normal to share the road with them, just like sharing
      > the road with cyclists.

      =v= Of course, they'll first have to learn that they need to
      share the road with cyclists. :^|

      =v= My concern is that the Segway will be consigned to bike
      facilities, in much the way that California has led the nation
      in clogging our bike lanes and paths with all manner of slow,
      polluting motorized gizmos. Segways go an average of 11mph,
      much slower than a bicycle.

      =v= My other concern is that, wherever they end up, they'll be
      operated by people with an overinflated sense of entitlement.
      They'll have spent $3000 or more for this gizmo, and by God if
      any old ladies with walkers or mere bicyclists get in their way,
      they're gonna mow us down.
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