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4186RE: [carfree_cities] Segway

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  • Louis-Luc
    Jan 13, 2002
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      > Segways, used on sidewalks/pavements, where the inventor intends
      > them to be
      > used, are just a new way to assault and intimidate pedestrians.
      > Here's my
      > slightly scatological mockery: <http://www.talkpath.com/sht>.
      > We need to reject the idea that they can be operated safely in a
      > pedestrian
      > environment. They cannot be.
      > Now, if the users want to operate them in the roadways, I'm all for
      > it. Anything that slows down the cars.
      I really hope that Segways are to be a replacement/alternative to cars. If I
      ever get the chance to use one, I'll be more than happy to take my place on
      the road as a true vehicle, while looking at pedestrians on my right
      enjoying themselves on the sidewalk. If everyone does see Segways as
      vehicles, then motorists will find it normal to share the road with them,
      just like sharing the road with cyclists. And as pedestrians, our job is to
      use full width of the sidewalks; making Segwayists feeling they can't speed
      up on sidewalks and their place is on the road -- to slow down cars :-)

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