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4184Re: [carfree_cities] Segway

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  • Doug Salzmann
    Jan 13, 2002
      At 04:40 PM Sunday 1/13/2002, Simon wrote:

      >I like your Megway though and I have no heart for mocking an invention into
      >which someone has put so much creative investment.

      Mocking an invention is not the same as mocking the inventor (although
      inventors will usually experience it that way).

      Segways, used on sidewalks/pavements, where the inventor intends them to be
      used, are just a new way to assault and intimidate pedestrians. Here's my
      slightly scatological mockery: <http://www.talkpath.com/sht>.

      We need to reject the idea that they can be operated safely in a pedestrian
      environment. They cannot be.

      Now, if the users want to operate them in the roadways, I'm all for
      it. Anything that slows down the cars.

      > I was surprised Joel that
      >thinks highly of it, but may be that's about being open to new ideas.

      Does he? I missed that. Well, Crawford is usually right about these
      things, but. . . not this time, if he supports powered vehicles in
      pedestrian space.

      >The Powertryke is an electric powered front wheel with brakes and handlebars
      >that attaches to almost any wheelchair. I am having one demonstrated in
      >early Feb when I go to visit my mother because I think it can liberate
      >people who are otherwise bound to normal wheel chair speeds. Her husband in
      >his late 80s is missing getting out and about. this might help.

      Devices like this should not be operated in pedestrian space at
      higher-than-walking-speed, either. Disability should not constitute
      license to intimidate and inconvenience others -- effectively turning the
      tables and disabling the pedestrians.

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