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4183Re: [carfree_cities] Segway

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  • Simon Baddeley
    Jan 13, 2002
      Thanks, Jym. Who knows, the thing might catch on but I don't think it will.
      I like your Megway though and I have no heart for mocking an invention into
      which someone has put so much creative investment. I was surprised Joel that
      thinks highly of it, but may be that's about being open to new ideas. You
      win some you lose some and some you just can't tell. I hope I am open too
      innovation. I like gadgets but I can't very excited by the Segway. It is
      ingenious and interesting but compared to a bicycle it lacks style. It
      requires too much passivity from its user - which would of course make it
      good for people with limited mobility, so maybe I'll come to one in later
      years. I do like the PowerTryke though:


      The Powertryke is an electric powered front wheel with brakes and handlebars
      that attaches to almost any wheelchair. I am having one demonstrated in
      early Feb when I go to visit my mother because I think it can liberate
      people who are otherwise bound to normal wheel chair speeds. Her husband in
      his late 80s is missing getting out and about. this might help.

      I'll tell you what I think when I see the thing at work.



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