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4182Re: [carfree_cities] Segway

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  • Jym Dyer
    Jan 13, 2002
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      > Any more news about this? S

      =v= About the Segway, "the revolutionary device that runs
      entirely on hype?" No, but in _VeloNews_ somebody turned
      "Segway Human Transporter" into an acronym and wrote a funny
      screed with the title, "Who Needs This SHT?" You can find
      it here:


      =v= Earlier, I mentioned that I was interested in a much better
      innovation, the Megway:


      I was particularly interested in the Meg Ryan model, and there
      have been some interesting developments there. The last time I
      was in a supermarket I saw a checkout rack headline in which she
      allegedly laments that nobody tries to pick her up when she goes
      to a bar. Well, my first thought was, "Where is this bar?" and
      my second thought was that, if she can't be picked up, motorists
      probably won't be able to fold her up and put her in a trunk.
      Good for her, but no doubt that means sales will suffer, and
      maybe the price will come down. A boon for us carfree folks!

      =v= But now I have another concern. You see, the Megway runs
      on a soy latte and an English muffin, but in her last movie,
      Meg Ryan hung out at Cafe Lalo, where lattes cost $4 apiece and
      you have to bring your own soymilk. More recently, I saw an ad
      for her new movie, in which she's jumping around in front of
      Petrossian, where lattes are $6 and, again, no soymilk.

      =v= So now I'm worried that, while the Meg Ryan model might be
      ideal for many of my needs, particularly in the area of comedy
      and romance, the cost of fuel might make her too expensive an
      alternative for everyday transportation. If I could adapt her
      to run on my homemade soy lattes (which are organic, cost much
      less, and IMHO taste much better), we might work things out.
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