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4131Re: [carfree_cities] Do public schools cause sprawl ??

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  • Mark Rauterkus
    Jan 2, 2002
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      > So here's the very un-PC question: Does the current public school
      > system create sprawl?

      To a degree you are correct.
      In cities with poor school districts, the flight to the burbs is huge. This
      is an interesting question that might exceed the talk of this list's focus
      however. It opens a very holistic approach and a very long conversation.

      The trend is for heavy engageent of Mayors in cities in school districts.
      That has not been the case.

      So, the public schools don't cuase the sprawl, IMHO. However, poor
      performing schools and educational settings in urban areas (a legacy of
      being older neighborhoods) helps to drive sprawl.

      > And conversely, will true school choice help
      > the cities, and create more compact urban geographies?


      We could write volumes on this thread. And, what works in some cities might
      not in others -- and we may not really get to the carfree part. So, without
      a green-light to talk in depth and lenth, I'll opt to listen and delay my
      reply out of repect for the list's charter.


      Mark Rauterkus
      Mark@... http://Rauterkus.com
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