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4127Re: [carfree_cities] Frigid Carfree Cities

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  • Mark Rauterkus
    Jan 1, 2002
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      Hi All,

      >> Cinci, Ohio is a decent example of elevated walkways/skywalks in downtown.
      >> Same too in Pittsburgh, PA when one considers the navigation among to
      >> hospital complex in UPMC cluster of buildings in Oakland.

      > Are these walkways elevated to get them above the car-occupied streets
      > below. Elevated walkways or skyways would not be generally necessary in a
      > carfree area.

      Oh yes. These are typical downtown areas. Cars are on the streets. Lots of
      parking garages. But, they do encourage walking. Heated in the winter. Cool
      (mostly) in the summer.

      I was in Cinci at a downtown hotel for a convention. Perhaps the convention
      crowd and the notion of a convention center is a place to champion car-free
      places. Consider the river walk in San Antonio. That (narrow strip) is
      car-free, right.

      Don't many "convention type settings" cater to the out-of-town traveler
      (flew into the city without a car).

      In Pittsburgh, there is a big hospital expansion due to happen. Hundreds of
      parking spaces (perhaps thousands??) are going to be taken in an area that
      is very, very hard to park already. The plans call for off-site parking (2-3
      miles away) and buses from the parking lot to the work place. The workers in
      the hospitals are the ones that are having the parking taken, mostly.

      This is an ugly situation that also presents some opportunities. Sadly, I
      have little faith in the powers that be thinking about creative and
      sustainable solutions for the greater community.


      Mark Rauterkus
      Mark@... http://Rauterkus.com
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