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4121Frigid Carfree Cities

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  • michelle@giansante.net
    Jan 1, 2002
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      Henning asked:

      >let me challange the list to
      >expend a few neurons in considering the challange of making a place like
      >Regina carfree. Consider this.
      >In winter we:
      >- usually have a permanant snow cover
      >- occasionally have temperatures down to -40C
      >- often have windchills which will freeze skin in less then a minute

      I love this idea! Because, actually, to make a frigid city carfree makes
      a lot more sense than driving in such weather!

      If we followed J.H. Crawford's suggestion for the city topology, the city
      would be much denser (at least distances would be closer together), as in
      a medieval village, which would alleviate the need for any walk further
      than 15 minutes. (And a bike ride would be much faster, of course, too,
      maybe only 5 minutes?).

      Adding to his topology, I would suggest a frigid carfree city would also
      have (to protect the people walking in frostbite temperatures for
      possibly up to 15 minutes):
      -a system of skywalks, and/or
      -a system of underground streets (Toronto is an excellent example)
      -the metro system would definitely be underground (to protect the tracks
      & to keep people warm while waiting)

      Am I forgetting anything?
      Michelle Giansante
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