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3994Re: [carfree_cities] Walking to Birmingham

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  • Chris Bradshaw
    Dec 2, 2001
      > 'Thought For The Week':
      > "Forty per cent of adult pedestrians killed
      > on UK roads had been drinking. More than
      > a third were over the limit for driving."
      > I.A.M, winter issue.

      This is a red herring, as a) it is not illegal to walk while impaired
      (how does the impaired person, who is abandoning his car, get to a taxi
      or bus?) and b) it makes no reference to other factors that might have
      contributed to the collision.

      A severely impaired pedesrtians, usually, is very visibly so, which
      makes him/her as "off'limits" to drivers as disable, elderly, and very
      young pedestrians.

      Chris Bradshaw
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