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  • Richard Risemberg
    Dec 2, 2001
      The New Colonist, the world’s magazine about city living, will celebrate
      urban eats with a special food issue in January. We are looking for
      submissions including restaurant reviews, recipes, city eating guides
      and submissions to our regular “streetfood” column.

      REVIEWS- Reviews should be 750-1000 words and include a photo if
      possible. RECIPIES- Recipes should relate in some way to a particular
      city or urban geographical area. They should be original or
      “passed-down” rather than copied from a published cookbook. Historical
      recipes or reprinted original recipes are acceptable. STREETFOOD-Our
      regular streetfood feature describes great places to eat for under $10.
      These can be take-out or eat-in places, but nowhere you’d take someone
      on a date. Basic good food you eat often. 750-1000 words, photo is a
      must. CITY EATING GUIDES-The guides should describe neighborhoods with
      many places to eat, or describe different places to go for dinner in a
      particular city. 1,000 to 2,000 words, photos are appreciated.

      Have other ideas? Send a query to editor@....

      Reprints and second-runs are accepted.

      The deadline for submission is Dec. 25, 2001. Late submissions are
      accepted; however have a lessened chance of making the issue.

      Works submitted for publication may be published and archived at
      http://www.newcolonist.com Authors retain the rights to all works. The
      New Colonist is currently an all-volunteer organization and we cannot
      pay for articles or photos at this time. We may wish to republish
      articles in future compilations, at which time terms will be negotiated.

      I hope that you can contribute to city living and our special food

      Richard Risemberg

      "Hope cannot be said to exist, nor can it be said not to exist. It is
      just like the roads across the earth. For actually there were no roads
      to begin with, but when many people pass one way a road is made."

      Lu Hsun