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3987Re: [carfree_cities] Walking to Birmingham

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  • Mark Rauterkus
    Dec 1, 2001
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      Roy P asked:

      > "Forty per cent of adult pedestrians killed
      > on UK roads had been drinking. More than
      > a third were over the limit for driving."
      > I.A.M, winter issue.
      > What is the man getting at? What's the hint? I'll have to drop him a line!!

      To be drunk is dangerous. Drunks do dumb and dangerous things. Drinking
      impars judgements.

      What is of not and important IMHO -- how many is 40%? And, how many
      accidents by % are with drivers that had been drinking? How many of the
      drinking pedestrians killed were injured by drunk vs. sober drivers? And,
      how many drunk pedistrians are in no accidents?


      Mark Rauterkus
      Mark@... http://Rauterkus.com
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