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3900Parking car will help drive against terrorism: Anderson

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  • Eric_Floden@pch.gc.ca
    Nov 1, 2001
      from CBC news:

      Parking car will help drive against terrorism: Anderson
      Last Updated: Sat Oct 27 18:53:59 2001
      OTTAWA - Motorists can help in the campaign against terrorism by not driving
      their vehicles as often, Canada's Environment Minister suggested Saturday.

      In a speech to the Canadian Institute of International Affairs, David Anderson
      said using less energy from the Middle East might reduce the amount of money
      being funnelled into terrorist networks.
      "Whenever asked what an individual can do to fight terrorism, the answer is very
      simple: drive less," he told delegates.

      The federal government intends to keep pressing automobile makers to come up
      with engines that are more fuel efficient.

      "The events of last month have made this even more compelling," Anderson said.

      Although increased security has become a top priority for Ottawa, the government
      is still concerned about environmental issues, according to the minister. He
      cited decreased greenhouse gas emissions as an example.

      Anderson, who is getting ready for another round of talks on climate change
      scheduled for Morocco next month, predicted the U.S. will not abandon
      environmental concerns ? despite the fact it has already pulled out of the Kyoto

      Written by CBC News Online staff