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3849Re: [carfree_cities] RE: The End of Tall Buildings

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  • Chris Bradshaw
    Oct 16, 2001
      The WTC is a product as much of the transit links, as it is any
      technology of building technology (including "vertical transit," or
      elevators). The WTC is at the terminus of the New Jersey train tunnel,
      and several subway lines run through or near it.

      Of course, the proximity of hotels and residences, also stacked pretty
      high, also make it possible, including its "economics."

      But none of this overcomes:

      a) the large scale of the companies who occupied the complex and high
      degree of job specialization and monoculture work environment and the
      lack of potential contact with people in other companies and other types
      of work.

      b) the decision to put the "personal services" in an inward facing (and
      below ground) mall shut out the NYC culture of small, street-oriented,
      individally owned (non-chain) businesses, although many of these
      business exist in older building nearby and in the TriBeCa neighbourhood
      to the north.

      c) the adjecency of the expressway to the west and the decision to
      provide a link to the Hudson River and the Battery Park complex with a
      pedestrian bridge.

      There will never be a humane city without active street fronts, and
      green boulevards and a small-road-ringed park every 20 blocks or so.

      Chris Bradshaw
      Ottawa (wife was born just a few blocks from "ground zero")
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