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3845Re: Solar City of Pichling (Austria)

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  • rauch@mit.edu
    Oct 14, 2001
      "Solar City Pichling" is taking shape in the Austrian city of Linz.
      It will have 1317 dwellings in an area of 32 hectares. Construction
      has been underway for two years and will be finished in 2005.
      There is a web site in English at
      http://solarcity.linz.at/eng/frameset.html .

      A map of one of the districts is at
      http://solarcity.linz.at/de/staedtebau/bauplan.html .
      The master plan map at
      http://solarcity.linz.at/de/staedtebau/master.html resembles part of
      a diagram in the Carfree Cities book, with districts centered on a
      light rail stop, and a boulevard connecting them.

      On the topic of cars, the site says "within the settlement, maximum
      priority shall be given to pedestrian and cycle traffic"
      and "individual motorised traffic will be parked in collective car
      parks", which suggests that cars are prohibited from most of the area
      of the settlement, though I wasn't able to find anything more

      They have a page on "virtual reality as a planning and communication

      Some miscellaneous news from Germany:

      Detailed information on Gartensiedlung Weissenburg, a 184 apartment
      carfree development which has been under construction for the past
      year in Muenster, is now available, including maps and models:
      I think this kind of small development will soon be routine.

      Autofreie Solarsiedlung Karlsruhe is looking to turn part of a former
      army base in the southern city of Karlsruhe into a Carfree Solar
      Settlement. http://www.uni-karlsruhe.de/~gh03/aska/neues_flugi.html

      --- In carfree_cities@y..., "J.H. Crawford" <postmaster@c...> wrote:
      > I've recently come across a mention of the "Solar City of Pichling"
      > in Austria. It's a large sustainable urban village with cars not
      > allowed on the streets, I gather.
      > Does anybody know anything about it?
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