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3815Re: [carfree_cities] The Terrorist attacks of 11 September 2001

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  • T. J. Binkley
    Sep 26, 2001
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      >I have posted a long op-ed piece at jhcrawford.com:
      > http://www.jhcrawford.com/op-ed/wtc.html
      >on the terrorist attacks and the need to find a
      >peaceful solution to conflicts in the Middle East.
      >It's too long to include in the body of this message.
      >Please circulate the URL as widely as possible--I think
      >it's time that voices calling for something other than
      >war were heard.

      One misstep in an otherwise excellent piece:

      >The attack has often been called a "cowardly act." While it may be
      shocking and reprehensible, it >can scarcely be called cowardly. The 19 men
      who actually carried out the attack intended to die in >the attack, which
      speaks of courage, not cowardliness.

      While the willingness to RISK one's life in a sadistic attack may be viewed
      as courageous by some, there's nothing courageous about committing
      suicide---quick and painless. To take a few thousand unsuspecting
      civilians with you is anything but.

      As long as all warriors continue to subordinate the value of human life to
      their dubious objectives, casually dismissing the death of innocents with
      pat euphemisms---or increasingly, directly targeting civilians---the only
      truly courageous options are to seek and maintain, while the pain our
      losses is still fresh, a lasting consensus for international criminal
      justice and peace. As more op-ed pieces like this circulate (the letters
      and editorials in the LA Times incidentally, do not exactly read like "a
      propaganda arm of the Bush regime", thankfully), and memories of Vietnam
      are rekindled, there is hope that the American public will become more
      interested in a thorough understanding of why we have become a target.


      T.J. Binkley
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