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3475road usage (was "in California")

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  • James Rombough
    Jul 1, 2001
      --- Ronald Dawson <rdadddmd@...> wrote:
      > I remember seeing some thing a while ago about
      > Seattle's road network, it
      > said 50% of the traffic uses the interstates which
      > consist of 4% of the road
      > network and 15% of the traffic uses arterial streets
      > which make up 8% of the
      > road network.
      > So that means 65% of the traffic is using 12% of the
      > local road network,
      > while 35% is using the other 88% of the road
      > network. Now unless that 88%
      > consists of dead end streets, just what is going on
      > here?

      Most of that 88% is residential streets. Surely you
      don't advocate drivers using residential streets
      instead of highways or arterials?

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