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3472RE: [carfree_cities] Re: For those in California.

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  • Ronald Dawson
    Jul 1, 2001
      Guy Berliner wrote:
      >I didn't even know such people existed -- fanatic
      >eulogists for Southern California freeways!?? I
      >thought for sure they must be some kind of industry
      >front group. Wow! Thanks. It's always good to keep
      >abreast of what the enemy's up to. I found the
      >following quote from http://www.fixtraffic.org/mission.html
      >"The Friends of Southern California's Highways, a Community
      >Grass-Roots Organization..."
      >It wasn't enough for them to be just grass-roots, or just
      >community based, no, they are BOTH, in Capital Letters! Methinks
      >the lady doth protest too much...

      I know what your getting after, in other words follow the money trail.

      Although one thing that has always struck me as odd about "organizations"
      such as this, is that they seem to keep saying "build our way out of
      O.K. it is theoretically possible to do that, a try to stay ahead of the
      pack mentality, but when I look at it, some thing doesn't really add up.

      I remember seeing some thing a while ago about Seattle's road network, it
      said 50% of the traffic uses the interstates which consist of 4% of the road
      network and 15% of the traffic uses arterial streets which make up 8% of the
      road network.

      So that means 65% of the traffic is using 12% of the local road network,
      while 35% is using the other 88% of the road network. Now unless that 88%
      consists of dead end streets, just what is going on here?

      It's like two people trying to sit on the same toilet, at the same time.
      While there's an other perfectly good toilet available next door, but no
      one's brave enough to pull up their pants and go on to the neighbouring
      stall. So instead they complain and think about how to make the toilet that
      they're trying to sit on bigger. Dawson
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