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3361RE: [carfree_cities] Municipal Political Structures

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  • Ronald Dawson
    Jun 4, 2001
      James Rombough wrote:
      >DART is a terrible example of regional effort! A lot
      >of people don't like DART, but I think they are doing
      >the best they can. The problem is that Dallas and Ft.
      >Worth have been "at war" for decades. Ft. Worth,
      >Arlington (actually, all of Tarrant County) and Grand
      >Prarie in Dallas County are *not* members of DART.
      >That makes DART more like a county-level organization,
      >not a regional organization.

      I wonder why they want to "not" operate like that?

      >Ft. Worth and a few of its suburbs run a public
      >transit agency, the T. Arlington, a "city" of 270,000
      >people, is not a member of the T. As a result,
      >Arlington is the largest city in the USA with no mass
      >transit at all (the Handi-ride program doesn't count
      >as "public" transit). Arlington residents are against
      >city buses because they are afraid of minorities (I've
      >translated what they actually say) moving in. Never
      >mind that there are minorities already living there!

      It might also be a taxation thing?

      >I used to live in Arlington and Dallas, and I know
      >many people there, and that is exactly how they think!
      > Pretty sad!


      >For anyone interested in aviation, another casualty in
      >the Dallas vs. Ft. Worth "war" is DFW airport, Love
      >Field and the Wright amendment. The federal
      >government had to force them to cooperate and build an
      >airport, or the Feds would do it for them.

      That kind of reminds me of the Mirabel airport (YMX) north of Montreal.

      >A few years ago DART and the T got together and
      >created the Trinity Railway Express. Eventually it
      >will continue all the way to downtown Ft. Worth (now
      >about 2/3 of the way from Dallas to Ft. Worth), but it
      >doesn't go through Arlington, which would be the most
      >direct route.

      Your right about the distance, through Arlington it's about 31 miles, but
      through Irving it's about 34 miles. Plus I wonder what kind of service they
      will provide when the whole thing is up and running?
      I just hope they keep those nice Budd RDC's active for a long time to come.
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