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3353Re: driving: fun vs not & other rants

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  • mdh6214@garnet.fsu.edu
    Jun 3, 2001
      Actually, that's an excellent comparision. Some people want nothing
      do with alcohol, and some peopke want to exercise the RESPONSIBLE use
      of alcohol for personal enjoyment. So can we compare road-ragers to
      alcoholics? Someone who doesn't know how to handle (a car | alcohol)
      and causes problems with it?

      I've also heard cars compared to guns: if you are trained, mentally
      stable, and restrict its use to rural areas, there will be very few
      problem exhibited with it. What happens is that licensing is too lax,
      and everyone feels like they HAVE to have one, and a lot of people
      them without really knowing how to properly and safely use them.

      The state of (crime | mass transit) in many cities is so deplorable
      that people feel compelled to have one because of a lack of reasons
      not have them (police | mass transit).

      > >I'm not against cars--I'm against their inappropriate use. Any
      > >welcome.
      > I say the same in regards to the use of alcohol. Dawson
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