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3336RE: [carfree_cities] driving: fun vs not & other rants

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    Jun 1, 2001
      > Like many Americans, I consider driving to be fun. To an extent.

      You have a good opinion, and I agree.
      Cities are meant for walking, skating, for human life, not stress
      caused by cars. Both drivers and non drivers find cars in cities are a pain
      (I also hear it from people in both situations here).
      Since I almost always go in a city, and in suburbs (not often in real
      country areas), it may seem I'm totally against cars. I'm against the misuse
      of them and their excessive promotion, even in cities where we can live
      carfree. Those tiring car ads even take space in the metro, that's just too

      Give me a country road, where people walk, cycle, horse-ride on peacefully,
      and set a car highway in a separated area alongside, and I'll have nothing
      against cars. If we can walk from any A to any B in the province or country
      without any risk at any point in our journey, then I'll have nothing against
      the use or the promotion of cars.

      And you're right driving is fun (Got a couple of racing games here) on a
      race track, or on a road set up for car racing or car driving practicing
      during a special event. Driving must be seen as a priviledge, not a right to
      sow stressful situations and disorder along your way.

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