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3107RE: [carfree_cities] Miles to go before we're done ...

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  • Lanyon, Ryan
    May 1, 2001
      Ronald Dawson wrote:

      > >The good news is there's more
      > >talk of tolling 400-series highways in Ontario.
      > That's a good idea (for those that don't know, any
      > #400-series highway in
      > Ontario is well simply put, a motorway), but do think the
      > Tories are really
      > going to do such a thing?
      > After all they're the ones who got rid of "photo radar".

      Strangely enough, I think they're goint to pursue it, and then get booted
      out of office in the next election. The 'Common Sense Revolution' has
      devolved into a dogmatic agenda of deregulation, even if it does not make
      sense. Our hydro rates are increasing by 12% in order to make it more
      attractive for private companies when power generation is deregulated. It
      does not matter what services are provided to 'taxpayers' or how
      economically/environmentally disadvatnaged it makes the Province, as long as
      government isn't doing it. I suspect the same approach will be taken to our

      > I still think that it would have been far better just to
      > implement tolling
      > on the 401 then building the 407, because it's made Toronto
      > into a "Orange
      > County of the North". http://www.407etr.com/intro/index.html

      Probably would have been much more effective to manage demand, but that's
      not the goal. The goal is to reduce what government spends so that it can
      cut income taxes, plain and simple. This government doesn't care how many
      cars drive on roads, as long as it doesn't pay for it! In Ottawa, we had a
      controlled-access freeway downloaded to us during MegaWeek, and the Province
      is even talking about having the municipality pay for portions of new
      interchanges ('cost-sharing'). Not to mention that all funding for public
      transit has been eradicated (unless you live in Toronto, of course).

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