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3105petrolfree bike-powered lawnmowers!

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  • Sally McAra
    Apr 30, 2001
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      I found this on http://www.outsidemag.com/magazine/0595/5r_acces.html :
      a pedal-powered lawn mower! I like the old push-mower, but for large lawns,
      try this instead of making a stink and noise with a motormower!

      Dynamow ($239)
      For the cyclist who doesn't feel right about firing up a power lawn mower,
      there's the Dynamow. Attach this reel-type mower to a chainstay and pedal your
      way (no quick
      accelerations, please) to a freshly cut lawn.
      The mower actually steadies you at low speeds--but if you can't get a spot,
      just stick in the regular handle and finish the lawn the old-fashioned way.
      From Dynamow, 800-739-6266.