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    Apr 8, 2001
      > Should we make it a law that no car is no longer allowed in this
      > world of ours ( which I think is not Joel's idea at all ) ? Well, if
      > we could do that...anyone has got an idea of how ?
      > Look Guy, in a society I believe we all struggle to live together in
      > harmony , right? Think about car drivers: wouldnt it be better if
      > they could wipe out all pedestrians and all other car traffic from
      > the streets , the same way pedestrians want to get rid of all cars ?
      > Thats social life, right ? You really cant get all you want.Thats my
      > opinion.
      > Mateus Fechino
      Welcome back, Mateus.

      First point is freedom. Freedom of movement means mobility. And mobility
      means moving your body using your own energy to go where you want to go
      WITHOUT any excessive danger. If you feel threatened at every street corner,
      than the danger frequency is way too high. Imagine someone aims a gun at you
      at each street corner, and shoots if you move the way the shooter doesn't
      want you to. Cars show the same problem, and create a social injustice,
      that's unacceptable because they threaten the overall public security if not
      driven properly. There are 2 ways to fix that.

      1. Make sure all (say at least 99.9%) of motor vehicle are driven properly.
      That means all rules are followed and no one is threatened at any street
      corner at any time. That is if a driver violates a rule, then his license is
      immediately suspended for a significantly long period of time, and/or the
      vehicle is taken back by the police. The result is that if people really
      love their car, they will drive it correctly not to lose access to it.

      2. Make some or all parts of a city carfree. There can still be car traffic
      in the surroundings, except that to gain access to a carfree place drivers
      must park their vehicle in a garage and access the carfree area by various
      other modes Joel talks about in his book.

      All of this to say that the basic needs of human beings is to breathe
      without being tubed to an oxygen tank, eat by ourself, grasp objects with
      our natural hands, and move (or pedal) around with our legs. Look at
      yourself in the mirror and you'll feel if you can't perform all of these
      activities peacefully, alone or with others, and with no stress or danger,
      then you have a handicap you want to eliminate (Well, I feel this way when I
      look in the mirror). And it's truly possible to eliminate this handicap if
      your body can perform the actions. Bad car drivers create a handicap to
      everyone (motorists or not) in the community, and we don't need medical
      research to eliminate them.

      Some friends of mine drive sometimes or often, and they tell me they dislike
      driving because they have to drive for bad drivers, and some of them would
      sacrifice their driving if it would also eliminate bad drivers from their

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