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2956RE: [carfree_cities] Hi, I'm back

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  • Ronald Dawson
    Apr 8, 2001
      Mateus de Oliveira Fechino wrote:
      >Hello everyone who remembers me ( and who doesnt !).

      Welcome back to the list.

      >I used to
      >participate in this group some months ago and expressed some of my
      >opinions on the issue (carfree cities). I was pretty sure about what
      >was right at the time and to me Joel Crawford's site was a bible .
      >Cars should be off the streets imediately and so.
      >But since then Ive been thinking a lot about it and got to a
      >conclusion to myself, which may not and most probably will not be
      >suitable to most of this groups' participants.

      That's fine.

      >I will tell what I think. Lots of people in Brazil ( where I live )
      >used to say some years ago ,when the country was beginning to open
      >its boundaries to imported products of all kind ( that was in the
      >beginning of the 90's ), that they were AGAINST that phenomenon that
      >was being called "globalization" and that was said to cause
      >unemployment and so . As time went by and people got to know a little
      >bit what was that to live in a more open economy ( and that includes
      >the pros and the cons ), such complaint about globalization began to
      >vanish from the press , and the focus since then is much more over
      >how the government deals with globalization, and not with the
      >phenomenon itself.

      A lot of Canadians had the same thoughts as well over NAFTA and some times
      it's hard to tell what has really changed.
      Though there are situations where it has failed, like a Canadian company
      suing a US state (California) over the banning of MBTE (a gasoline
      additive), because it was contaminating ground water.

      >Well , my point is : globalization is there whether you want it or
      >not. You've got lots of ways to deal with it, from keeping your
      >country shutdown to foreign investments to the slowly( or fast if you
      >wish ) opening of your boarders to make commerce flow naturaly,
      >helping everyone grow.

      Also, remember Canada and Brazil almost started a trade war over aircraft
      and beef not to long ago. It was petty, but so what else is new.

      >So what do cars have to do with it? Its the same story ! Cars are
      >there and there's actually very little that you can do about it. To
      >my humble point of view , forcing the close of a city to car traffic
      >would be like closing a country's boarders to trades . Cars are there
      >and they've got pros and cons just as globalization. What we gotta to
      >is make the best use of its pros, and try to minimize the cons .
      >Im not a new urbanistic( because Im not even an urbanist or
      >architect , Im a economics college student ) , nor do I live in a
      >fairy tale where global business help all everytime . What I think is
      >that dreaming about an ideal carfree world is a little bit a waste of
      >time when even Cuba , North Korea and China are already aware that
      >some freedom of choice may be of more use to all.

      A friend of mine once said "Being free only means choosing whose chains you
      want to wear". Dawson
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