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2816RE: [carfree_cities] Car brats

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    Mar 14, 2001
      > tied up with self-image, status (a profound psychological force)
      > and sexual
      > imagery (the powerful hunter, the sleek seductress etc). These values are
      > probably an innate part of human psychology wired into the dopamine "must
      > do" system and reinforced by cultural environment. A way to
      > overcome innate
      > programming is to override it with cultural programming - ie create a
      > strong anti-car environment. In that scenario, car deprivation behaviour
      > therapy should work. Unfortunately, you have the Catch-22 situation of
      > trying to create the anti-car society so you can get people to
      > give up using
      > cars so you can create an anti-car society...
      A solution to this might be to draw the self-image, sexual imagery and
      status to other objects, like, say:
      "Hey! I'm a real man! I own a super stereo system with a high-end tube-based
      amp, a DJ's undestructible turntable (aka the Technics SL-1200 you probably
      find in night clubs), which sounds much better than those car stereos!" (and
      btw it's really true).
      "If you're lucky to still be alive when your actual nice looking car will be
      rusting in the landfill, I'll still be living in my actual nice looking red
      brick house."

      You can certainly do this with a computer, or better yet, a SUB (aka a
      sports & utility bicycle) or elegant, sports, sexy clothing.

      In a sense, we need to lower down the car image, and let people develop more
      pride or self-image for other objects, if they're still not able to discover
      these feelings from their souls.

      I admit it's not easy to promote this when nearly half of ads in general
      concern cars.

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