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2755RE: [carfree_cities] bicycling facilities

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    Mar 8, 2001
      :Ms Lopa,

      :I hope these help. As for creating exclusive bicycle lanes to control
      :vehicular pollution, I think that your time & money would be much better
      :spent on education (of both drivers & cyclists) & on adding impediments or
      :costs to driving. I believe that if driving is not as easy/cheap/socially
      :accepted/etc., then fewer people will drive. I realize that things are
      :different here, but costly segregation engineering (i.e. bike lanes/paths)
      :in the US probably hasn't decreased pollution by any measurable amount. It
      :may get more people riding, which is good, but that just opens a spot on
      :road for another car. (generated traffic) Not to mention that bike paths
      :that go nowhere only get driven to for recreation use.

      Then it's better to help cyclists (and pedestrians too) to reclaim their
      rights ON all public roads, i.e. the right to ride and use a standard lane
      with no threatening to security. Not just the right on paper, but the full
      right to actually do so naturally with no worry or fear. This will slow car
      traffic and discourage driving where there is more human traffic.

      Sending cyclists to dedicated paths is not the optimal solution, unless the
      paths cover all the cities and there is no need whatsoever to share the road
      with cars (overpasses or underpasses for example).

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