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2751Re: Re: [carfree_cities] bicycling facilities

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  • Richard Risemberg
    Mar 8, 2001
      At 3/8/01 8:52:00 AM, you wrote:
      >The living room article you wrote suggested learning how to carry groceries
      >on a bicycle. How do you carry things like that on a bike - a basket? a

      Saddlebags work for small loads. There are also folding box-like structures made of heavy nylon--generally they are called "town baskets," and they are sized to fit a standard US grocery bag. These let you
      carry two full bags on one bike. I always have the baggers pack the bags full--they generally fill them only halfway, an absurd waste of paper--and have carried 30 lbs. or more of groceries home this way.
      Before my divorce a couple of years ago, I did ALL the shopping for a family of three by bicycle. I'd usually also strap a bag of potatoes or some other sturdier item on the rack.

      A friend of mineswears by trailers, but I don't care for them. You can carry immense loads that way, though--see teh article titled "Very Special Delivery" on Living Room (http://www.living-
      room.org/bikepeople/delivery.htm) for more. Those guys pull loads of a half a ton on bikes!

      Couriers love basekts for heavy load, but I don't enjoy the way the bike handles with a load up front and up high. Some British and American delivery bikes have a small front wheel and a frame-mounted basket
      that works well. See http://www.workbike.org/.
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