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2750Re: [carfree_cities] bicycling facilities

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  • Henning Mortensen
    Mar 8, 2001
      Even though this question was asked of Richard, I will comment anyway.

      I started out carrying things in a backpack. This had two problems to it:
      - on hot days I would get all wet under the pack
      - I could not have the backpack and have my child in a child carrier.

      To solve this problem, I purchased a rack for the back of my bike and a set
      of pannier bags. This solved problem one and gave me a great deal more
      carrying ability. However this meant that I could no longer have the child
      carrier on board. The purchase of a bike trailer solved this problem rather
      handily. I can now carry my child and a friend, a weeks groceries, and more
      in a backpack if I really need it. Or I can fill the trailer with groceries
      and carry home a north american grocery list (read as a months food).

      The results are fabulous. Although the trailer was a bit expensive, compared
      to a second car, it is rediculously cheap. My son loves to ride in the
      trailer and in fact cries on the days when it is his un-converted mother who
      DRIVES him to the baby sitter.

      And as an aside, it is amazing how many people comment on the setup when I
      ride by. So far all of these comments have been positive. I like to think
      that I am providing my son with early possitive messages about the role of
      the car.


      ps. I haven't really used them much, but I have heard that one problem with
      loads in a basket is that it affects steering.

      >From: "Rod and Lennie Kat" <wildkingdom@...>
      >The living room article you wrote suggested learning how to carry groceries
      >on a bicycle. How do you carry things like that on a bike - a basket? a
      >Lennie Dusek
      >p.s. I only see cyclists around here with their tight gear on, cycling for
      >the comradery or exercise.

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