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2734RE: [carfree_cities] bicycling facilities

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  • Boileau,Pierre [NCR]
    Mar 7, 2001
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      Hello Lopamudra,

      Ottawa has many bike lanes and bike patrols. There is a map of these
      bicycle lanes available from the city but I am not sure it is on the
      Internet (perhaps Ryan can help out here). I would suggest that the bicycle
      paths are not the main obstacle to reducing car use and, by association, air
      pollution. My experience, as a commuter cyclist in Ottawa, is that there
      are a select group of active dedicated cyclists in the area, but that people
      who have always used their cars for commuting will continue to do so until
      there is a disincentive to it. Last year we had a spike in gasoline prices
      and I noticed a few more cyclists on the road during that time.
      Unfortunately, the gas prices have come down again and I'm anticipating that
      this year the bicycle paths will be free and clear.

      Also, with that many cars on the road there is real issue of safety for the
      cyclists and 'road-rage' from the motorists. My sense is that a common
      understanding needs to be reached between commuter cyclists and automobile
      commuters through public education. This has been confirmed by my
      observations that in our sister city, Hull, on the other side of the Ottawa
      river, automobile commuters are much more aware of cyclists and don't find
      them a hindrance. This is primarily because of the education efforts
      undertaken by the Quebec government.

      I think the situation in Delhi would be somewhat different than that in
      Ottawa, because vehicle ownership may not be as high. But I believe that a
      strategy which incorporates more bike paths combined with public education
      about the benefits of commuter cycling would be the best route to take.



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      > From: Lopamudra Banerjee
      > Sent: Wednesday, March 07, 2001 6:40 AM
      > To: carfree_cities@yahoogroups.com
      > Subject: [carfree_cities] bicycling facilities
      > Hello,
      > I work for a non-governmental organisation called Centre for Science and
      > Environment based in New Delhi (India). We conduct extensive research
      > on vehicular air pollution and abatement measures.
      > I had written to the carfree discussion forum about information on carfree
      > cities all over the world and had got an overwhelming response. Hope to
      > get the same this time round.
      > We are planning to write an article on the importance of creating
      > bicycling facilities here in Delhi to control vehicular pollution. We
      > would like to include experiences from all over the world about
      > creating exclusive bicycle lanes.
      > We would be very grateful if you could tell us about which are the cities
      > that have gone for promoting bicycling in Europe and the US and how
      > successful has it been in reducing car usage and air pollution.
      > Please feel free to give as detailed informatin as possible. You could
      > also refer me to the websites that will give us the relevant
      > information.Would also love to publish good photographs of bicycle
      > lanes.
      > Thanks and regards
      > Ms Lopa
      > Lopamudra Banerjee
      > Air Pollution Control Unit
      > Centre for Science and Environment
      > 41, Tughlakabad Institutional Area
      > New Delhi - 110062
      > Tel: 6081110, 6081124, 6086399
      > Extension: 222
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